Monday , 22 July 2019
Welcome to the Mind Map Hub

Welcome to the Mind Map Hub

The Mind Map Hub is a new site that aims to bring you regular news and event information from the world of mind mapping.

You can submit mind mapping news stories for consideration, and can also submit details of events that you would like to promote, all for free! Your news and/or event must be mind map focused. If you have a story or event you’d like published, you can tell us about it here.

News published here will focus exclusively on the provision of facts, stats, and neutral information about mind mapping software, and events occurring in the mind mapping world. We will not be focused on writing our opinions, just reporting the mind mapping news as it is. You can of course feel free to share your opinions using the comments system on each page, or using the usual social media channels!

We hope you will enjoy what we have planned here for the coming weeks and months, and we thank you in advance for supporting us with your Tweets and Facebook likes, which make a big difference!

Don’t forget, if you have something that you think we should publish, submit your story/event information here>

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