Monday , 22 July 2019
MODi Topic4Maps Released

MODi Topic4Maps Released

This week saw the launch of Topics4Maps, created by the team at Mindlogik & Olympic Development Initiative (MODi).

Available to download from the MODi website, these are ‘Map Packs’ containing collections of graphics for Topic Shapes, Images and Icons that can be used with Mindjet MindManager.¬†Each pack is focused on a particular topic such as ‘Business Process’, and provides a range of subject-relevant graphics that¬†gives you more options when developing the style and appearance of your mind maps.

The first five map packs are available to purchase online for $15 each, and there is also a sample pack available to download for free.

The MODi team (comprised of Patrick Baker of MindLogik, and Nigel Goult of Olympic) intend to release new map packs each month that will also be available to download from the MODi website.

Further Information:
Topic4Maps Website: “MODi Topic4Maps Available Now!”


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