Monday , 22 July 2019
MindMeister Launches New Presentation Mode

MindMeister Launches New Presentation Mode

Popular online mind mappling application MindMeister launched a number of new/improved features this month, with a new presentation mode being the most significant among them.

The new presentation mode gives users greater control and creative options when building a presentation from their mind map, with a selection of transition options, and a modular system that enables slides to be created from sections of a map. The finished article can then be presented back to an audience via computer, iOS, or Android device, with the additional option to broadcast the map as a slideshow from within collaboration mode.

The new presentation mode is available to all MindMeister users, including free account holders, and this new feature is accompanied by further improvements/additions to the software, including Floating Topics, Connection Labels, and Retina Display Support.

Further Information:
MindMeister Blog: “New Features Galore!”

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