Monday , 22 July 2019
MindMeister 9 launched

MindMeister 9 launched

MindMeister today announced the release of a new version (9) of its popular online mind mapping application, featuring an entirely new user interface, embracing the recent trend for ‘flat’ design in an effort to further emphasise MindMeister’s stated focus on simplicity.

Previously hidden (but regularly used) features are now more accessible, and is matched by a one click access to colours, topic styles and boundaries. Several editing and navigation options have also been made more readily accessible within the mapping interface. In addition, improvements have been made to how registered MindMeister users manage, access, and organise their maps within the MindMeister system, with easier access to the library of public/community maps too.

A re-written and improved image and PDF export includes more options for tailoring the appearance of maps prior to export, with the end results more accurately matching what is viewed on screen. Presentation mode, icons, and printing options have all been given attention in this latest update too.

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