Monday , 22 July 2019
Mindjet Unifies Product Offerings

Mindjet Unifies Product Offerings

Mindjet this week announced the integration of their desktop, web and mobile products into one “Collaborative work management service”, meaning users will now pay a single annual subscription to access all aspects of the Mindjet product suite.

The announcement also sees the unification of all products under one simple “Mindjet” product label, with the single subscription giving users access to desktop software, web-based mapping, sharepoint (on-premise) functionality, and the mobile apps for iOS and Android.

These changes come as Mindjet release version 11 of their popular desktop application for windows, which is now rolled up into the single subscription model. The new version features new budgeting tools within topics that enable dynamic calculations to take place, as well as enhanced task property features enabling greater control of task assignment and management across the newly unified product suite.

Further information
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