Wednesday , 26 June 2019
Mindjet launches MindManager 15

Mindjet launches MindManager 15

Mindjet today announced the release of MindManager 15 for Windows, featuring a number of new improved features, and an increased focus on providing easier starting points for new mind mappers.

A key feature of the new release is a new 64-bit version of the software for Windows, which enables seamless integration with Microsoft Office 64-bit applications. Other improvements have been made to the project and task management capabilities, with the ‘remove slack time’ and ‘move project’ features giving greater flexibility to those using the combined mapping and Gantt chart functions within the application.

For users who are new to mapping, a number of improvements have been made to enable people to get started more easily, including a new method to add topics to maps using a single mouse click, and a more organised selection of map templates presented upon launching the software.

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