Wednesday , 26 June 2019
MindGenius launches MindGenius 6

MindGenius launches MindGenius 6

MindGenius, developers of the software by the same name, have released their latest version.

MindGenius say this latest release features improvements to the project management, brainstorming, communication and personal productivity capabilities of the software. Specifically, MindGenius are highlighting the following new features (amongst others):

  • Automatic Word Cloud generation which can help users to identify prevalent themes within their maps; particularly useful in brainstorming sessions, for example.
  • Excellent integration with Cloud Storage providers, meaning users can open and save files directly into Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive.
  • Additional project percentage resourcing capabilities for Project Managers.

Standard single licenses for this latest version start at £147, with existing users able to upgrade for £117, and students, teachers and charities able to receive discounted rates of up to 50% off.

To find out more about MindGenius 6, you can visit the MindGenius website by clicking here.


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