Monday , 22 July 2019
Biggerplate publishes Annual Mind Map Report 2014

Biggerplate publishes Annual Mind Map Report 2014

Popular mind map library and community provider Biggerplate have published their Annual Mind Map Report 2014, which contains the findings of the global survey conducted at the end of 2013. The report contains information about the Biggerplate site, the typical mind mapper profile, and the engagement and use of different mind mapping software applications. The report also provides an insight into how people are using mind maps around the world, with additional insight and commentary provided by a number of well-known mind map bloggers and experts.

Key findings within the report include the ratio of Male to Female mind mappers (80% male), perspectives on the use of mobile and cloud-based mapping solutions, the mind mapping software voted most popular, and the mind mapping organisation voted most innovative in 2013.

The report is available as a free download from, provided you are registered member of the Biggerplate community. >View the report here

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