Monday , 22 July 2019
Biggerplate Launches Mind Mapping Conference

Biggerplate Launches Mind Mapping Conference

Popular mind map library has just announced a series of mind mapping conference events in a number of cities worldwide over the course of 2013.

The “Biggerplate Unplugged” series aims to bring together mind mapping software users, developers, bloggers and trainers to explore trends and innovations in the world of mind mapping. The first conference takes place in London in January, and participants will be able to hear from prominent mind mapping software developers including Chris Griffiths (CEO of ThinkBuzan) and Craig Scott (founder of the iThoughts app for iPhone). In addition a number of keynote speaking, the event agenda also includes interactive ’roundtable’ sessions intended to engage speakers and attendees in discussion around key ideas and questions related to mind mapping.

Further events take place in Paris (March), San Francisco (September), Chicago (October), and Amsterdam (date to be confirmed). Tickets are currently on sale for both the London and Paris events, with the option to register your interest in the other events for free, in order to be notified in advance when tickets go on sale.

Further Information
Biggerplate Blog Announcement: “Biggerplate Unplugged – Mind Mapping Mini-Conference”

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