Monday , 22 July 2019
Biggerplate acquires

Biggerplate acquires

At the recent Biggerplate Unplugged mind map conference (held on Oct 9th in the Netherlands), Biggerplate founder Liam Hughes announced the successful acquisition of, an alternative mind map library, which is now to be rebuilt by Biggerplate as a dedicated gallery for hand-drawn mind maps. Acquired as a direct response to community demands for hand-drawn mind map hosting, the redesigned looks set to reflect the same site architecture as Biggerplate, but ‘stripped down’ to create something more simple, without all the technical software/format information required for digital mind maps.

While the Mappio gallery and Biggerplate library will remain separate, the aim is to create a single login that would enable users to log into either site with the same login credentials, thereby creating a single mind mapper identity to work across both.

> Further reading: Biggerplate blog announcement

> View the announcement at Biggerplate Unplugged in Utrecht, NL

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